About sigma water engineering

The Sigma Group of Companies is owned and managed by a team of professionals with extensive local and international experience in water and wastewater treatment. Sigma Water Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd, based in Selangor, Malaysia, serves as the MEA (Middle East and Asia) regional headquarters for its parent company, Sigma Water Canada Inc. of Canada.

  • Mission

    To provide specialist service of the highest quality in water and wastewater industry and be the front runner in pursuit of a cleaner environment.

  • Vision

    To be a leading design company known for it's technological expertise in providing guaranteed environment solutions globally.

  • Commitment

    We will always remain committed to put the best interest of our customers first and take great care of the trust that our customer put in us.

Our Services

Application & Industries

Sigma combines a variety of technologies to provide a optimum economical, yet robust solution for the treatment application. Industries and applications we have a large variety that we serve with our innovative water, wastewater and reuse-recycle treatment solutions

Water Treatment

We specialize in providing compact and easy to expand systems. All systems are custom engineered, and guaranteed for the process selected. Based on the clients raw water avaiable and treated water required, Sigma designs an appropriate treatment process.

Wastewater Treatment

Sigma is a leading provider of innovative technologies for a range of industrial wastewater treatment applications. Sigma prides itself as being a pioneer in modular designs that are economical, consume minimal foot print, and easy to operate.

Wastewater Recycle & Reuse

Sigma offers a combination of technologies to suit wastewater recycle & reuse applications. We offer primary, secondary, tertiary & polishing membrane treatment technologies that are tailored to suit a apecific application.

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    Chemicals for Water & Wastewater Treatment

    Sigma offers a complete range of treatment chemicals for water & waste water treatment. All chemicals are available in stock for rapid delivery.

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    Operation & Maintenance

    Sigma can be your partner in operation & maintenance of water & wastewater treatment systems.

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    Manufacturing Strength

    Our manufacturing capability ranges from fabrication, assembly and testing within our facilities.

  • SigmaWater Strength

    Sigma takes pride in its people who, with decades of combined experience globally, are the core strength of the company. Understanding the needs of the client as well as taking the time to educate the end user, Sigma works in tandem to identify the various options available for treatment; provide preliminary designs and sizing; assist in acquiring regulatory approvals followed by installation; commissioning and providing ongoing operational support.

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